Three More Sleeps

Odessa, TX – The Jackalopes are currently nearing the end of their 2021 training camp which has been held in Minnesota since late August. Over the last few weeks, Head Coach Scott Deur and Assistant Coach Russell Barone, have been diligently executing their game plan for the upcoming 2021-22 NAHL showcase in Blaine, Minnesota. The Jacks will be playing four games while in Blaine, all of which will be against non-divisional opponents. The Jacks take the ice for their first regular season game on Sep. 15th against the Chippewa Steel at 11:15am CDT. You can catch all the action live on HockeyTV.

Last season Odessa had an average age of 19.49 making them the sixth youngest team in the North American Hockey League. They also finished fourth in experience with 2,182 combined games. This season however, they come in as the third youngest team with an average age of 18.48. Four of the top-10 oldest teams this season are in the South Division (Amarillo, Shreveport, Lone Star, Corpus). The younger Jacks squad also means a younger group of experience in the “League of Opportunity” as they currently rank 17th with 487 combined games. This new Jacks squad might be younger, but they bring a lot of quickness to the South Division which is usually known more for its old school style of hockey centered around physicality.

Although this will be Scott Deur’s first year as the head coach for Odessa he has been a coach in the NAHL since 2015 and had this to say in regards to the Jacks young roster. “We may be young, but we have a really solid group of veteran players to lead those young guys through the learning process of the North American Hockey League.” Scott went on to add, “we are looking forward to seeing how this young group transitions into their junior careers as us coaches transition into our new positions.”