Jackalopes Hand Washing Karaoke Challenge!

ODESSA, TX — The Odessa Jackalopes are excited to announce the launch of a new initiative intended to help keep our community healthy and virus free, while also having a little bit of fun. We understand our community, and the world, is facing uncertain times due to COVID-19. We want to help stop the spread and keep everyone smiling while turning a normally mundane task into a fun and entertaining one.

 With the support of the Odessa Chamber of Commerce (@OdessaChamber), Odessa Arts (@OdessaArts) and Downtown Odessa (@DowntownOdessa), we introduce the Jackalopes' Hand Wash Karaoke Challenge. 

 So, how does it work? Once nominated, you’ll pick one of your favorite songs to record yourself singing along to while you showcase proper hand washing protocol. Soap and warm water, wash for 20 seconds! At the end of your video, nominate 3 people for the challenge and close your video by reminding everyone to “stay home, stay healthy and go Jacks!” When you post your video to social media, include #HandWashKaraokeChallenge and tag @LetsGoJacks. 

“I love the idea of the Jackalopes' Karaoke Hand Wash Challenge!" said Renee Henderson, CEO and President of Odessa Chamber of Commerce. "It’s imperative we all follow the CDC guidelines, and handwashing and social distancing are the two main messages. This is a great way to get the message across in a fun way. I hope the challenge spreads quickly and gets the entire community involved! The Odessa Chamber appreciates the Odessa Jackalopes for thinking out of the ‘rink’ on this Challenge….”

The Jackalopes hope you too will join us in participating in the Hand Wash Karaoke Challenge, nominate your friends, family, co-workers or someone famous that you’ve never met! We all need to wash our hands in order to stay healthy, but there’s no reason we can’t have a little bit of fun while doing it!

We remind you to… stay home, stay healthy and go Jacks!